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"Just a quick note to recognize the incredible quality and value that Crown Cabinets deliver in their cabinetry solutions. Construction is impeccable and price points are very competitive. And they are all Made in USA to add more upside. Thank you for making such great products in Utah!"

Toby, California
"We recently installed your cabinets in my personal home. I am impressed. Really nice product for the price range! All pieces are all glazed; folkstone, whitewash, and black (can’t remember the actual color name) and all alder.
What, if any, product do you recommend for their finish cleaning and maintenance. Or, what to definitely not use on them?
I’m retired builder, but will still be taking on single projects. I will be recommending your product!

Kyle, New Mexico
"Just wanted to drop a quick line to give your entire operation a shout out.  You, your sales team, order desk, quality control & shipping/packaging all leave us very satisfied.  Just wanted to tell you how great you are in a time where we often run in to complacency from suppliers. "

April, California
"Thank you for sending that so quickly. We purchased your cabinets through Bill's Ace Hardware a few years ago and have been very happy with the quality! Now looking for entertainment shelving."

Maryanne, Arizona
"Thank you! We ordered Crown for our basement kitchen and bath in 2010, and still love them! Big Creek. Knotty Cherry heaven."

Karen, Utah
"Good morning! I have been remiss in letting you know that I love my vanity cabinets. I had to order the Pro Line, because I also had installed new flooring on my top floor as well as countertop, so I had to go more economical on my vanities. They did not disappoint! It’s nice to actually have the product I am selling, in my home to use everyday. The drawers are nice and deep, the color and the wood is beautiful. Glad I am selling your cabinets, they are so beautiful, every job has been stellar. I am not your biggest dealer, but I am one of your biggest fans! Thanks again!"

Travis, Colorado
"You guys make it easy, always sending out good quality cabinets!"

Mary, Wyoming
"We love our cabinets and so does everyone that comes in our home. We did kitchen and bathrooms all to match. We purchased them through Quality Flooring here in Gillette, Wyoming."

Julie, Colorado
"My name is Julie ... and I live in Arvada, Colorado. I spoke with you on January 5 regarding cabinets that were installed in my kitchen and two issues I had with them. Hopefully you will remember . . . one issue was that the crown molding did not match the cabinets themselves, and the second concern was that they were much darker in general than what I thought I was getting. I had worked with Jan at Precision Homes in Denver, and then an independent rep named Troy Hiatt before contacting you. First, let me say again that I really appreciated you taking the time to talk with me and really listen to my concerns. You were very responsive and I felt heard and understood. And you very graciously made things right. And now I want to thank you again. Today all the molding was touched up by two very talented professionals and it all looks fantastic! I am so very happy and satisfied with my kitchen cabinets - everything matches! I have attached pictures from today and also some from before the work was completed this morning. I know some of the lighting is not the same, so some pictures may or may not show the difference, but I can see a huge difference.
Again, Steve, thank you very much!"

Tracy, California
"I got my Crown Cabinets from Yardbirds in Rohnert Park, CA in 2002. Still look as beautiful as the day they were installed."

Barbara, Utah
"Thank you so much for the donation of custom oak cabinets to adorn the kitchen at our renovation site. They are beautiful and are being put to good use helping homeless families. Family Promise of Ogden wishes to show their appreciation for your contribution to help renovate the building in Ogden for the use of homeless families."

Justin, Utah
I Love my new office, the cabinets look great! Thank you for all your help!"

Mark, Utah
Crown Cabinets did a great job with our kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Everyone that walked through our house commented on how great the cabinets looked. We sold our house in less than a month. The cabinets made the difference."

Scott, Colorado
"Not only are Crown Cabinets a quality product, but the customer service and people that you will work with are top notch. As a cabinet dealer I have worked directly with Crown Cabinets on many projects and over time they became my go to line. I never doubted Crown and could sell it to a customer with pride knowing that they would be happy with their cabinets and that Crown would stand behind the product. Crown can give you a price point cabinet with the finishes and extras that will give you a custom look kitchen or bath. They also have the upgrades to make your project as custom as you can get in a production cabinet. We are currently building our own personal home and my entire cabinet package will be Crown Cabinets. I would recommend Crown for their products, their service, and the company as a whole is great."

Kevin, Utah
Crown Cabinets are a very high Quality cabinet. I’ve installed many cabinets over many years, and found Crown Cabinets to be a leader in production cabinetry. Not only are the cabinets built with the end user in mind but also the installer as well. With any cabinets there can be problems, either caused by the designer, installer, home owner, freight or the manufacture. I found that If a problem does happen, Crown Cabinets takes care of the problem fast, no finger pointing just takes care of it. I will continue to buy cabinets and work with Crown Cabinets in the future and highly recommend them."

Rae, Utah
"I recently upgraded my home office using Crown Cabinets. They were very helpful in design layout, suggestions, and the best use of space. They were also supportive in making cabinet style and color suggestions. The end result is an office with lots of carefully designed storage space, attractive aesthetics, and impressive functionality. The cabinets were well made, nicely furnished and arrived when promised. Prices were reasonable. The project created a useful room and added value to my home. I am very pleased!"

Stephen, Montana
"I sure enjoy working with these guys. Customer service is outstanding and Cabinets are excellent."

Alfred, Nevada
"We are a Crown cabinet dealer in Las Vegas and have to say that their quality and (customer service) is excellent. Warranties on their products are are very prompt. On time delivery is very important to us, and they have not once let us down."

Kyle, Wyoming
"These cabinets are awesome! The quality for the price is amazing. This is my second kitchen renovation in two years (different properties), and I'm so glad I went with these over the last brand. Even our installer who also builds custom cabinets was impressed by their quality."

Jim, Montana
"My company has been doing business with Crown Cabinets for over 10 years and we are extremely pleased with their quality & service."

John, Arizona
"Crown Cabinets has a great product with offerings to fit just about every need and price point. The quality and workmanship is very good, and the finishes are numerous, and in some cases, unique, which aids in the sales process. Not everyone is doing what Crown is! The customer service department is very personable, thorough, and very responsive to the needs of the dealer and the end user. I would recommend them to anyone needing cabinetry."

Sarah, Colorado
"I have done over 100k worth of cabinetry from Crown and haven't had one damaged cabinet or one complaint from customers. (this is extremely rare- there is usually always some damage in big orders) This is my quality, affordable, and reliable line. I love working with Crown and their awesome customer service. The lead time is amazing especially since they can still do custom cabinets when needed. My favorite is the Knotty Walnut Natural- it is beautiful. If you want value and quality, I highly recommend Crown Cabinets."

Trevor, Montana
"We have worked with Crown Cabinetry for 17 years now. The product is great, especially when you factor in the price point. Any issues(very few) we have had with the product have always been dealt with promptly. Excellent customer service and a great product! We will be selling this product for years to come!"

Pat, Colorado
"As a dealer, customer service is very, very important, and we have had excellent support from every department and our sales rep, Kevin Hiatt. The quality is high, there are many styles and finishes to choose from, and the price is very affordable for our clients. There have been a few minor issues, which is expected when we are buying as many cabinets as we do, but everyone at Crown goes above and beyond to take care of these, and they are always working to make their system better. We consider Crown to be our "go-to" brand of cabinets for almost all of our clients. I highly recommend Crown for anyone who wants to update their home."

Dave, Idaho
"Made in America" "I love that!" Your cabinets are built so well. My sons and I installed them in a day and everything fit perfectly just as planned. They are so much better than the product I almost bought at .......... Thank you so much for your help! We love the natural rustic hickory...they fit our mountain home perfectly, the exact look we wanted!"

Megan, Utah
"Crown Cabinets has been terrific to work with all these years. The quality and customer service of Crown Cabinets is unsurpassed..."

Kim, Wyoming
"I just wanted to let you know what a great bunch of people you have working in your front office. They’ve been so helpful to me, and have been just wonderful to work with. Also, a big thanks to you for all the help you’ve provided, as well."

Teresa, Idaho
"We wanted to thank you and the entire wonderful staff at Crown...thanks for the great service the company provides. It's a pleasure working with all of you."

Kent, Oregon
"We purchased your cabinets about 15 years ago up in Anchorage Alaska. We bought some knotty cherry cabinetry from one of your dealers up there and we loved them so much we would like to use your cabinets again in a remodel we are doing now in Medford."

Scott, Colorado
"I wanted to let you know what a great job you guys are doing. I had a vanity cabinet delivered earlier this week that had a bowed front rail and pulled the entire cabinet out of square big time. In dealing with Melissa Shell she was very prompt and professional in getting a new cabinet in production and shipping in a very short period of time. This kind of customer service is directly reflected back on to my business from the eyes of my clients and gives me great confidence in Crown Cabinets abilities. Thank you for such great support!"

Bob, Montana
"I want to commend and thank you, your company and employees for the excellent operation you have. As you know we work with other manufacturers, but none have the integrity, and organization that your company has, all the way from your quality control, to the personalities of your staff. In particular, Jill and David have always been there for us, correcting errors before they happen, suggesting changing a cabinet to make a better design. Wayne, I know is not an employee but a very integral part of your business (delivery). Charles, letting us know how and when our shipments are due in. Your ordering and confirmation process is excellent. All these huge corporate companies do not even compare. We order 75% of our cabinets from your company. I would order 100% from you, however as you can't do it all. I just felt compelled to write a note thanking you and your staff."

Steve, Idaho
"Always helpful, always on time, never say no attitude is priceless. I think in our business being able to tell a customer that a product will be delivered on a specific day and count on that is key, more so than price. Crown Cabinets has always come through on both fronts. Always honest, if it can be realistically done, Crown Cabinets will never let you down."

Patti, Wyoming
"Thank you Steve. That means a lot to me coming from a pro! It was such a pleasure working with your company. I really appreciate all you guys did to help bring it from my imagination into reality. You guys are the best!"

Reina, Oregon
Crown Cabinets – To Whom This May Concern,
My name is Reina and I’m finally getting back to everyone after the completion of our remodel. My husband and I are very satisfied with our Crown Cabinets and also with our contractor! TCS (Travis Short) did the layout and cabinet ordering. We challenged him to come up with some creative ideas and he did not disappoint! The cabinets are top-notch quality and we noticed very little in terms of marking or staining. What really made the difference for us was how Travis approached the install. He included us in the physical layout and we made adjustments on the fly. He incorporated shelving around the window spaces that my wife dearly wanted. We also wanted to put accent walls behind some of the shelving and he creatively removed the backing of the shelving units to allow the accent colors to show through. In addition, we found our island to be a little cramped but our contractor turned the end ‘garbage’ cabinet 90 degrees which greatly improved the flow of the kitchen. If not for the nice modular/interchangeable design of the cabinets and the creativity and problem solving skills of our contractor, I believe we would not be quite as satisfied. However, we had a wonderful experience with Travis and would recommend him to anyone. Together with the Crown cabinets, you have a winning combination! Every visitor is extremely impressed and we gladly refer them. Thank you for making such a high quality product, we are more than happy to continue to refer you and your services! Thank you so much!

Sterling, Utah
"Great Value, Lots of options, friendly service!"

Cynthia, California
"You make a good solid cabinet, have a great price point and decent ship time."

Mardee, Utah
"I would like to thank you for the outstanding ethics your company has in this day and age where you have vendors that are selling to everyone and everything. It really appears that you take your dealers best interest to heart. It's nice to work with a local company that has everything people are looking for. Your staff is superb. Special thanks to Charles in the warehouse. What a great guy. Always very helpful..."

John, Utah
"We love our cabinets! Jamie did such a great job on the design."

Paul, Montana
"Hey Steve I recommended Crown to the folks in Lakeside Montana which you now serve."

Coy, Montana
"Hey Steve i would recommend Crown Cabinets to everyone! Thanks for all you guys do for us."

Bill, Oregon
"Quality product at a fair price!"

Rob, Colorado
"I have seen many positive changes with Crown in the past few years. Thank you for hanging in there. It's been tough" (referring to the economy)

Art, Arizona
"I always recommend Crown Cabinets to anyone who is in the need of cabinets. you guys are awesome and I really appreciate the customer service that you afford me even though I am just an every once in a while buyer."

Curt, Montana
"Great value!"

Cortney, Arizona
"Best Cabinet company, I've worked with period!"

Nick, Colorado
"Well priced good quality rustic cabinets...perfect for the mountains."

Shane, Montana
"Give hats off to all the gals in customer service. I have been dealing with.......... on a few things and they are a joke compared to your team."

Jan, Colorado
"I just got off the phone with David at your factory and I have to tell you how wonderful I think he is. Wow, he is so helpful at pricing techniques and good at what he does and letting me know what I can do to ensure a problem-free install. This time it was about appliance cut-outs. Just thought you should know! Thank you. 

Roger, Colorado
"Hey there, just wanted to reach out to you all and say thanks so mcuh for helping me through some delivery time issues with a few cabinets, very appreciated."