Crown Cabinets Warranty

Painted Product Disclaimer

Painted finishes have unique differences from other wood finishes with which you may be familiar. When paint is applied to wood products composed of several different pieces of wood, expansion and contraction of the wood, due to temperature and humidity and water exposure, can cause cracks in the finish where these pieces join together. There are several areas on the cabinets where these cracks will occur. Doors may develop cracks in the finish on the door joints and seams on the glued up door panels. Stile and rail face frames may develop cracks on glue joints where horizontal pieces meet vertical pieces. Mitered style doors are very prone to develop cracks or breaks in the finish on mitered joints. Spilling water on painted cabinets, especially if it gets into the joints of the doors and drawer fronts can cause swelling in the wood and break the bond with the painted finish which will begin to separate from the wood. Olympia Sales Company cannot insure painted product will not react to these normally occurring circumstances. These characteristics are normal wood reactions and will not be considered for product replacement or warranty.